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Wolfgang Kovacek, Web Development
Interested Prospective New Members!
"Our Group is a great organization and what better Networking can you imagine than meeting a group of friends every week, have fun during an excellent breakfast buffet and give each other fresh business and receive dollars into your pocket. The group works, I have been a member for 5 years, paid dues of about $ 6000 and received business in excess of $35,000. I am highly recommending this group."

Eric Nelson, Handy Man
About 2 years ago, my best customers started to cash in on the housing boom and moved out of the area. Their "fortunes" quickly became my misfortune as my business suddenly dried up. I had almost decided to close up my shop and get a job working for someone else when a friend told me that if I visited his networking group, my business would dramatically increase. Dragging my heels, I visited his group. That first visit, I got more business then I had on my own for the past month, and since then I have been receiving a return of about twenty dollars for every one I spend as a part of the group. This group works.

Paul Heisig, Window Coverings
This group has referred me over $7,000 in first 6 months. The energy & focus of our group encourages people to grow their business. I hope to meet you next Thursday 6:30 AM to help your business grow. NETWORKING WORKS!

Bruce Ritter, The Midas Touch
Aside from the integral part this group is for my Massage Therapy business, it is knowing that I can refer to a list of professional business people, with confidence, to my clients, friends, and family. The group makes it easy.